When fall arrives, the rituals of planning and prep work for deer season kick in. Deer season serves as a marker for the fall climate and there is lots of activity and excitement in the air. Hunters and non-hunters alike make road trips to deer leases across Texas to hunt and spend some time in the wild.

As with all successful hunts, no hunt is ever complete until the processing is done. Dozier’s specialty processing services are some of the finest around. As part of your yearly hunting ritual, bring your fresh game to Dozier’s for all your processing needs. For a list of Dozier’s processing services and prices, see our processing menu. Then give us a call at 281-346-1411 to reserve a processing date and time.


Processing Deer or Hog

deposit required - minimum processing charge $50


75 Lbs. or Less

Two Hams, Two Shoulders, Two Back Straps

Two Hams, Two Shoulders

Over 75 Lbs. or Boneless


additional charges

raw weights


Anything Over 10 lbs.

Seasoned Chili Meat or Bacon Burger

Superb Hamburger
(50% Beef Added)

Link Sausage
(50% Pork Added)

Dry Sausage
(30% Beef Added)

Pan Sausage

Summer Sausage
Peppered or Jalapeno Cheese


Trim for Jerky

Cured and Smoked Hams

Venison Sticks

Tenderized Steaks
$6.50 HQ or $1.50/lb

Added Flavors

German, Garlic, Sage

Other Added Flavors
Green Onion, Jalapeno
$0. 40/lb

Added Cheese
$0. 60/lb




Deer Caping

Deer Skin

Hog Skin


Prices are based on starting weight raw (including pork if necessary).
Sausage - 50% Venison/50%Pork
Salami - 70% Venison/20% Beef/10% Pork