We get asked all kinds of questions about how to make great barbeque. The fine art of the barbeque takes years to perfect and we would like to save you some time! So use some of our time-tested tips and answers here to help you cook up your best barbeque. With a little knowledge you’ll be cookin’ in no time.





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What is “Genuine Barbeque?”

Genuine Barbeque is meat that has been slow cooked using the heat and smoke of burning wood or charcoal at a low temperature. The smoke is absorbed into the meat during the cooking process giving it a tender texture and distinct smoked flavor. Favorite meat products, wood type, sauce and seasoning vary by region, but the essential elements of low slow cooking with smoke are the same. Traditional favorites include barbeque ribs, pork shoulders, beef brisket, and a host of other smoked products. This method is in sharp contrast to high temperature “grilling” over direct heat, as with grilled steaks or hamburgers.


How do I season?

There are two options. We use our homemade rub on both sides of the meat. Season in all areas. If you use Dozier’s rub, remember not to add anything else. Then cook. The second option is to marinate overnight with the marinate of your choice. Do not add rub before you cook. Pick your method and stick with it.


Why does my bbq smell and taste of fuel?

Don’t use lighter fluid. Mineral spirits burn clean and work best. Some say a chimney starter works well also. Once you light your fire let it burn off until you have white coals. This helps eliminates the odors.


How do I start a good fire?

Start with a small amount of charcoal. Add a little starter, then add your wood. We use pecan wood. It gives the meat a little bit of a sweet taste. Then add the final amount of starter. Light and let it burn a while.


What temperature do I cook at?

If you keep the fire around 250 degrees you won’t burn anything.


Why is meat rare inside and well done outside?

Most likely the fire is too hot. Cook at a lower temp. It will slow things down so the internal temperature has time to catch up.


What kind of pit is best for me?

Make no mistake, there is direct and indirect heat source. You don’t want to cook a brisket on a small grill with the fire four or five inches below the brisket. This is a grill made for steaks, not large pieces. Indirect heat is better for briskets which usually has a fire box on the side. The smoke and heat is easier to control this way.


How do I know when a brisket is ready?

Believe it or not, after you have cooked a lot of briskets like we have, you could almost do it with your eyes closed. Use a heavy duty meat fork. Flip the briskets every hour for an even cook. As the meat becomes ready, use the meat fork and stick the brisket. If the fork slides in easily, it is tender. Then twist the fork just a little to make sure the meat doesn’t separate. If you cook past tender this will happen. Your brisket will then fall apart.


Should I mop when cooking?

Yes. Mop the meat when you flip. This keeps it from drying out while cooking and also adds flavor.